Dover Quartet

Music@Menlo 2015


Here's your personal page dedicated to our fun times together at Music@Menlo!  I can't wait to see what exciting future awaits your group!


Click on squares to expand, and feel free to right click and download for use.


Hope you enjoy the photographs, and thanks for letting me crash into your various coachings and rehearsals!



Faces of Inspiration - Milena

With style and smiles :)




Faces of Inspiration - Camden and Bryan

I'm half tempted to photoshop in thought bubbles with Camden's glorious metaphors.




Faces of Inspiration - Joel

... I think you won the contest of most intense expressions, Joel....




Rehearsal Romping




Recording Riot



A Masterful op. 135




Perfect Looking op. 131 :)

I look forward to hearing you guys play it down the road!