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Gallagher Family


Enjoy the pickings, and click on the thumbnails to expand!

The photos have already have some basic processing, but I will refine your chosen ones.  In picking photos, focus first on the expression.  Most other things can be retouched (cropping, rotating, object removals, color balance like warm vs. cooler colors, light/darkness, blurring background more, etc.).  


For reference of what retouching can do, click here.  


Please tell me your picks either by -

1) If you prefer selecting via Google Albums (i.e. making a sub album), you can view them at this link.
2) The file name itself.  (Check by hovering over the square and seeing the link name at the bottom of the browser)
3) Name it - (Series, row #, column #)
4) Save the photo (right click) and send as attachments.
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Constructing a Family 


First came Love (Portrait)


First came Love (Landscape)


Then, Dream Home - Portrait


Then, Dream Home - Landscape


Kids Rockin'


Kids Rockin' (from below)




Walking and Glomping










Kids grouping


Leo the Builder 


Brogan Jam


Serenading Practice 


Dionne's Headshot