All Packages Come with 100% Guarantee


Quality is my #1 priority, so rest assured, there's a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you're not happy, I'm not happy, so you'll either receive a full refund or re-scheduling, so you can walk into the photoshoot worry-free.  In my years of photography, this has never happened  :) 


Promotional Headshot Packages


1) Le Platinum Plumage - $1,300

  • around 3 hours of shooting time
  • recommended 3-5 locations
  • 20 master-retouched photos
  • 4 professional black and white conversions (or any other effect) free  


2) The Golden Gig- $845

  • up to 2 hours of shooting time
  • recommended 1-3 locations
  • 10 master-retouched photos of your choice, at printable resolution files
  • 2 professional black and white conversion (or any other creative, color effect) free


3) The Silver Set - $435

  • up to 1.5 hours shooting time
  • recommended  2-3 locations
  • 5 master-retouched photos (of your choice), at printable resolution files
  • 1 professional black and white conversion


4) The Bronze Batch - $325

  • around 30-45 minutes of shooting time
  • recommended 1-2 locations of your choosing
  • 3 master-retouched photos (of your choice), at printable resolution files


Package Customizations

  • For large groups, there may be an additional charge.  Please inquire.
  • additional master-retouched photo files - $75/photo
  • professional black/white conversion (or other special effect) - $15/photo
    • shadows and highlights are manually tweaked for the best look, including subtle repainting of contours if necessary
  • rush process - $140 (4 day), $85 (1 week)



  • print release form
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • love and joy with each photo
  • **Please note that while I do not limit the outfit changes, it does take up time to change between outfits, which takes away from the shoot.  


A few notes

  • For the difference between master-retouched photos vs. general retouch vs. raw, click here.
  • Professional prints are available upon request.
  • Print release form is primarily for personal marketing use.  It does NOT include wide-spread print publication that you are selling, so please ask for details.  There may be additional charge for these rights.