Robert and Carol Engagement


Enjoy the pickings, and click on the thumbnails to expand!


The photos have already have some basic processing, but I will refine your chosen ones.  In picking photos, focus first on the expression.  Most other things can be retouched (cropping, rotating, object removals, color balance like warm vs. cooler colors, light/darkness, blurring background more, etc.).  


Example of retouching, click here


Choose your picks by either -

1) The file name itself.  (Check by hovering over the square and seeing the link name at the bottom of the browser)
2) Name it - (Series, row #, column #)
3) Save the photo (right click) and send as attachments.

Library Dream


Studying Love and Humor


Walkin' Down the Aisle


Dream Sweep


Window Promises

>>> This show examples of how the same photo with different processing can look.  If there's one look you prefer, let me know. <<<


Stairway Sweep


Stairway Stroll

>>> In choosing, remember that you can always crop in.  Some of these are crop duplicates, to demonstrate the point. <<<




Quad Skipping


Proposal Bench


Hug Her Tight!


Paccar Punches 

** Last one is an example of cropped in + warmer toning **