Tingting Song, 2014


Enjoy our photoshoot picks! Just click on the squares to expand.

The photos have already have some basic processing, but I will refine your chosen ones.  In picking photos, focus first on your expression and the relative position of you to your surroundings.  Most other things can be retouched (cropping, object removals, color balance like warm vs. cooler colors, light/darkness, blurring background more, etc.).  Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help in any way.


Please tell me your photo picks by either-

1) The file name itself.  (Check by hovering over the square and seeing the link name at the bottom of the browser)

2) Name it - (Series, row #, column #)

3) Save the photo (right click) and send me the attachments.


Happy Picking!


Stairs Fun

** If you like a certain cropping/perspective but want to swap faces, it's possible.

Stairs Headshot


Granite Dreams - Sitting


Granite Dreams - Standing


Urban Nature Dreams


Patio Fun



** (Row 2, Column 6) is a cropped version of (R2, C5)

Final Pickings

*Hey Tingting, I'll give you these for sure.

**From this Reading set, pick two.  I'd personally recommend #2 and #3.

**From this Brick set, pick one.  I'd recommend #1, or we can also crop closer into #2 and get a portrait shot.

**From this Granite set, pick one.  I'd recommend #1 or #2.  #1 has a more outward wistful feeling.  #2 has an inner shine.