All Packages Come with 100% Guarantee


Quality is my #1 priority, so rest assured, there's a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you're not happy, I'm not happy, so you'll either receive a full refund or re-scheduling, so you can walk into the photoshoot worry-free.  In my years of photography, this has never happened  :) 


Aspen Student Discounted Packages

1) Le Platinum Plumage - $1,500 // with student discount - $1195

  • around 3 hours of shooting time

  • recommended 2-5 locations

  • 20 master-retouched photos

  • 4 professional black and white conversions (or any other effect) free


2) The Golden Glow - $795 // with student discount - $645

  • up to 1.5 hours of shooting time

  • recommended 1-3 locations

  • 9 master-retouched photos of your choice, at printable resolution files

  • 2 professional black and white conversion (or any other creative, color effect) free


3) The Silver Set - $445 // with student discount - $395

  • up to 1 hour shooting time

  • recommended 1-3 locations

  • 5 master-retouched photos (of your choice), at printable resolution files

  • 1 professional black and white conversion


Gloriosa-Trio_Carlin-Ma_0543 v1 l wm resized for social.jpg

4) The Bronze Batch - $325 // with student discount - $295

  • around 30-45 minutes of shooting time

  • recommended 1-2 locations of your choosing

  • 3 master-retouched photos (of your choice), at printable resolution files

  • 1 professional black and white conversion


5) Friends Group Special - $100/person (with minimum 3 friends batched together)

  • Get a group of 3 or more friends, and we’ll choose 1 location together. You’ll do short mini sessions one after another (around 15 minutes each).

  • 1 location

  • 1 master-retouched photos + professional black/white conversion per person.

  • **You’re still welcome to purchase additional retouched images. See Package Customization below


Package Customization

  • Aspen Scenery Set Customization

    • I understand some of you want to just have environmental playing shots that don't need as serious level of processing. This option allows for you to have more photos but without my serious master-retouching level.

    • Substitute 3 general retouched images = 1 master retouched image. (I’ll make it a better level of general retouch.) You can apply this to any package, but a few stipulations:

      • Only applies to non-headshot photos, like playing, in-action photos.

      • The chosen package must have at least a certain # of master-retouched images. (Bronze Batch - 1, Silver Set - 3, Golden Glow - 5, Platinum Plumage - 10)

  • additional master-retouched photo files - $75/photo // with student discount $65

  • professional black/white conversion (or other special effect) - $15/photo

    • shadows and highlights are manually tweaked for the best look, including subtle repainting of contours if necessary

  • rush process - $150 (4 days), $85 (1 week)

    • Typical turnaround time is within 2 weeks.



  • print release form

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • love and joy with each photo

  • **Please note that while I do not limit the outfit changes, it does take up time to change between outfits, which takes away from the shoot.  


A few notes

  • For the difference between master-retouched photos vs. general retouch vs. raw, click here.

  • Professional prints are available upon request.

  • Print release form is primarily for personal marketing use. It does NOT include wide-spread print publication that you are selling, so please ask for details. There may be additional charge for these rights.