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Sunrise at Bedwell Bayront Park

Sunrise is a time when we witness the birth of a day, which always fills me with deep gratitude of being alive.

On the last day at Music@Menlo last year, I stayed up really late working for the morning press deadline.  At 4:30 am, I faced the decision; go to sleep or witness the morning miracle... and I chose the latter.  This decision, I've never regretted.

I look forward to returning to Music@Menlo as their photographer, and hopefully to return to this beautiful park ... having taken a nap before sunrise next time....


As the sun cracked above the clouds, I found myself running to get to the perfect viewing point....

*cue heaven music*  I made it!

morning companions... Abbey Road?



New Start in Seattle!

Rain rain, comes and goes,

Always making flowers grow.

Breathing life to Earth’s vitality,

Giving me visions of greater clarity.


Seattle!  I just moved here to this famously rainy city a few weeks ago, and I can’t wait to explore the artistic possibilities between music and photography.  Check back soon with major website updates, including a reel of photos from a few wedding shoots and a perfect weekend at Mt. Rainier!

Nature inspires us to remember that we are all one and connected.  It is vital that we take the time to reconnect with Nature in our Digital Age, to remember that our actions have consequences to our natural physical environment, not just our careers and human relationships.  Our relationship with the environment is just as important; it feeds our bodies food and our minds peace.  For this, I am most thankful that the Seattle area offers such fantastic Nature possibilities.

I can’t wait to share with you my photos of Mt. Rainier, which will be posted up soon.  There are some special moments in the collection, since I finally achieved two of my personal photography dreams: 1) staying up late to photograph the stars and 2) waking up early to catch sunrise at the mountain top.  When inspiration hits, who has time for sleep…. Below are a few sneak peek pictures!