Corporate Package and Process



All Packages Come with 100% Guarantee


Quality is my #1 priority, so rest assured, there's a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  I'm only happy when you're happy with the photos.  Else, you'll either receive a full refund or re-scheduling.  In my years of photography, this has never happened, but I want you to come into the photoshoot, worry-free.


The Process


  • 1) Planning/Vision

    • You desire consistent headshots that are warm and outreaching.

    • To maintain consistent backgrounds, we can utilize similar elements in your office, or I can just use one background.

  • 2) Photoshoot

    • During the photoshoot, we will check photo previews together to ensure we're achieving the desired vision.

    • Each person could take between 5 - 20 minutes.

  • 3) Review/post-processing

    • I will upload the photos to a private web page. Then, you can select your favorites for master retouching.

    • Alternatively, we could choose right after they're taken, but that might take away from productivity time and they will not be able to poll family/friends.

  • 4) Delivery

    • Upon receiving full payment and within 2 weeks after your selection, I will deliver the remastered photos via Dropbox.

    • I welcome any requests for further remastering at no additional charge. (100% satisfaction guarantee)



Packages Details


+ ($275) on-location sitting fee
+ ($60) per headshot/promo photo.  Master retouching is included and license to use for web and print promotions

  • For the difference between master-retouched photos vs. general retouch vs. raw, click here.

+ ($95) per group (3 or more) photo. Master retouching included

+ (59.5 cents per mile) for travel if beyond the Bellevue, Redmond, Seattle area

**There is sales tax for delivered images



  • Print release form

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • Love and joy with each photo


Optional Package Customizations

  • Additional master-retouched photo files - $60/photo

  • Rush processing

    • 4 days - $200

    • 1 week - 100




Sample Business Styles


Here's a variety of vibes.  (I can also take the more "conservative normal," if that's desired.)  Let me know which appeals to you, which will help me plan accordingly.  Please feel free to share samples from colleagues or other businesses that you like as well.  I'm happy to adapt to your envisioned style.