Dover Quartet - Portland


Enjoy the pickings, and click on the thumbnails to expand!

The photos have already have some basic processing, but I will refine your chosen ones.  In picking photos, focus first on the expression.  Most other things can be retouched (cropping, object removals, color balance like warm vs. cooler colors, light/darkness, blurring background more, etc.).  I can also swap faces.


For reference of what retouching can do, click here.


Please tell me your picks either by -

1) The file name itself.  (Check by hovering over the square and seeing the link name at the bottom of the browser)

2) Name it - (Series, row #, column #)

3) Save the photo (right click) and send as attachments.


Happy Picking!



Beaming at Bannister

** I would stitch together the Joel's and potentially Camden's face onto the first photo.   I wanted to keep the background blurrier and so took multiple shots of having various people in focus.


Beaming Bannister 2



**I can clean up the sofa on top left, no worries**


Stairs Line-Up

**For first two photos, it would be a composite of the shot, where each layer of people are in focus.  For the sun spot on the stairway, I can get rid of it, and the stairs can be made even blurrier.**

These would look great in black/white.  The last photo is an approximate example.


Stairs Overlook

**Again, these would be great in black/white, similar to above**


Stairs Overlook - Standing


Sweeping Stairs

**Funny how we can see the passing of time with the sun on the stairs.... Let me know if you'd like to remove it completely or just lessen its effect.**


Graffiti Grunge


Graffiti Glow 1


Graffiti Glow 2


Truckin' Along


Epic Truck



Rail-Abbey Road

**The sky can be made more or less dramatic with colors and brightness**



Railroad Portraits - Light

**We can always crop in.**



Railroad Portraits - Dark

**We can make the sky and or railroad darker/brighter**


Sparklers... .just for fun....