Jason and Ann's Story


Every wedding is more than pretty dresses and suits;

it's a story of passion with everyone united.


Nature smiled sweetly upon Jason and Anne's wedding.  Nestled in the California mountains, friends and family gathered at the Mountain Home Inn, and even the San Francisco fog and sunshine came to give their blessing.  Their wedding was humble and beautiful, filled with music, laughter, and love.

Jason and Anne met through Craigslist, searching for chamber music sight-reading partners.  As they got to know each other, their passions entwined into Nature, bike riding, and perpetual delight in discovery.  Their respect for each other is palpable, and their families were incredibly loving and embracing of each other.

All presentations and speeches were touching and beautiful.  Between their best friend's Buddhist reading, Jason's mother's presentation of her hand-woven quilt (in the Navajo tradition), and the mini-performance of their string quartet (in honor of their first meeting), their story unfolded for all to behold.  As family members, friends, and the couple made their speeches, even I teared up, listening to their odes of pure love...