Who's Carlin?



I love life – people, nature, the laughter, the tears, and all between.  That is why I photograph – to capture and root fleeting moments, so they may blossom into our future, bringing comfort, love, and hope with every visitation.   Every moment is a gift of Life, so photography is a gift of eternal moments.

photo credit - Biran Krecik

photo credit - Biran Krecik

Everybody has an indescribable, inner beauty.  In our photoshoots together, it's about highlighting your internal light, creating soulful images and a fun experience together.

Formally, I am trained as a professional pianist, where I developed a deep connection with people, the environment, and myself.  Music and photography strike the same internal chord, merely on different instruments.  A photography session is like chamber music, where I partner with others to discover and create beauty between and within us.

Besides working with individuals and smaller ensembles, I have also photographed for larger organizations, such as Seattle Symphony, Music@Menlo, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Chinese American International School, Aspen Music Festival, and Indiana Universities.  Each photo session is tailored to the needs and vision of the client’s image.  With love and passion, I devote myself to tell their story.

Contact me for further details, and I will be happy to talk with you.  Feel free to refer to the FAQ page or my testimonial page.


For those interested in my music making endeavors, I welcome you to step into my other world here.

For those interested collaborating on a interdisciplinary projects with music or photography, let me know!  I am keenly interested in connecting  artistic disciplines for a fresh, immersive experience.