Headshot Homework




A captivating headshot will represent your true essence, so the most important thing is just to be YOU.  “… Who am I?”, you may ask.  Of course there are many different sides of you, which comes out for different audiences.  Here are some questions to explore and prepare -


General questions -

  • For whom or what are these photographs for?
  • How would your friends and family describe you?
  • Do you have a specific feel or vision for the headshot?
  • What music or stories resonates with you, and how would you describe them?
  • If you were in a commercial, what types of products or ideas would you sell?
  • Where/when do you feel most energized and joyful, and what are some contextual characteristics?


For creative dating profile pictures -

  • Where do you enjoy spending time?

  • What are you passionate about?

  • What hobbies do you pursue?

  • What activities would you love to share with your partner?

  • Any traits you'd like to highlight?


Take some time to answer these questions specifically and accurately, and you will walk into the headshot session with more confidence.  Please do share your answers with me (carlinmaphotography@gmail.com), and this will help me to help you get your perfect, unique headshot!