Carlin Ma is an artist. She has a sense of whimsy in her approach, and is very adept at capturing the personality of the subject in an unstudied, honest way. It was great fun to work with her; she very relaxed and creative, responding to the outdoor beauty, tricks of light and weather in our outdoor shoot with ease. She was very thoughtful and prepared, but she also caught amazing photos in just minutes, calmly, in the face of an impending rainstorm! I loved what she did, and had a sense that she has a very clear vision and integrity in her art. Her photos were the perfect contrast to the often sterile head-shot we are used to.
— Adriane
Working with Carlin through every part of my process was a fantastic experience! She always took into account the feelings and expressions I wanted to portray through each photo and the end result really captured who I am. While I believe there are many good photographers with expensive cameras and good technique, working with someone who is sensitive enough to capture a person’s unique personality through each photo is a rare gift.

In addition to arriving early for all of our appointments, Carlin promptly returned all of my calls and e-mails and was very meticulous and organized. She obviously takes her responsibility as a professional photographer very seriously yet has an amazing sense of humor and ability to communicate non-verbally as well. During one of our photo shoots in a large concert hall, there was a rehearsal going on at the same time which prevented us from speaking much between shots. In spite of this, Carlin was able to clearly communicate so many ideas and feelings through her own facial expressions and body gestures, sometimes cracking me up in the process! Because of this, I can imagine her working perfectly with children who can’t yet clearly articulate their thoughts and feelings through words, or who might be a little shy in front of someone new.

Carlin is someone who appreciates the art of photography and each moment in time as much as the technique required to capture it convincingly. I know she will work superbly in any setting and I hope I will have the pleasure of working with her again!
— Ben
I cannot recommend Carlin Ma highly enough. I arrived at our photo shoot without a clear idea of what I wanted in a head shot – I only knew that I wanted professional photos. I thus placed myself wholly in her hands and followed her directions. Her creativity and artistry were readily apparent in the photos she had taken. I was particularly impressed with the way she took advantage of the natural light of the various settings we used for the shoot. Carlin made the process casual and enjoyable, and I could not be more pleased with the results.
— Tim
I took several set of art pictures in both Taiwan and the states, I like those Carlin took for me the best. She catches the nature moment and bring out the soul of the pictures. She has a very good sense of the photo taking, and very easy to work with. Before the pictures taking, she did a lot of homework for finding the locations with different weather and timing for the nature sun light; after the picture taking, she worked on details and trying pictures on different computers for checking the color balance. I don’t think many people would spend time for doing these kind of details for every customer especially when they have several customers to work with at the same time plus going to school. I use those pictures for my recital posters, music program profile pictures and website pictures. You will not go wrong with her. Thank you, Carlin!
— Tzuying
Jennifer_Lee-Carlin_Ma-7314 l.jpg
Working with Carlin was such an enjoyable experience. Not only does she have all the necessary skills to take beautiful photos, she helps guide you to realize a vision for your portfolio, especially for me who was struggling to know where to even begin. She is a perfectionist, attentive to the needs of the subject without sacrificing her own personal touch. She is impressively detailed and went beyond my expectations, so you can trust her expertise to deliver fantastic photos. It is important to her that you love the photos and will stop at nothing to make sure you will be ecstatic with them!!!

— Jennifer
Carlin Ma is a wonderful photographer that I am very glad to have met. She understood my ideas for photos and it was blast to work with her. All of the photos came out great and it was really hard to chose which ones that I wanted for my website. She is great at finding the perfect angle and making the photos come alive. I can’t wait to share my photos on my website and author pages. 

I posted a few on my author pages on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Google+, and here is my website where I sprinkled a few as well. 
— Dani
Carlin is a wonderful photographer. She can work with the toughest client – a teenage boy. She was able to capture the spirit of a young musician. The shooting process was very fun and energetic. We are very delighted with her creative and professional photos. She worked beyond our expectations in the post-processing to make the pictures perfect.
— Tiffany, mother of Jeremy
Carlin-Ma- (2).jpg
Carlin Ma is extremely nice. She has a great sense of her pictures. She also makes me feel very happy and ready for action. She always knows what she’s doing and she’s extremely smart. She is very nice.
— Pierce, 8 years old
Jean-French-Carlin-Ma-2960_pp crop l.jpg
Carlin Ma is a brilliant photographer!! Her subjects jump off the page with vibrant colors.and artistic framing. She travels for destination weddings and other private events. She will tell your family’s story like no one else can. Corporate events and professional portraits are another facet she offers.
— Jean French Publisher, Bridle Trails LIFE